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In business since 2004, we give your pets the same excellent, loving care that they receive from you.  Whether it’s because of work or travel, we partner with you to fill the gap of your absence and provide whatever your pets need to be happy and healthy.

Pet Partners will —

We develop long-term relationships with you and your pets. We get to know what everyone likes. Which makes life a walk in the park for everyone.

Putting Heart Into Professional Pet Care

Certifications, Affiliations and Memberships

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Pet Partners is much more than a dog walking service — they help make our lives run smoothly. We have two large dogs, a toddler and busy jobs and Sherry and her team are always ready to provide an extra walk when needed. If you have dogs and a demanding schedule, you really need to add Sherry to your team!


Sherry and her Pet Partners’ walkers are more than partners.  They really are my Irish Setter’s friends.  He looks forward to his strolls and from the time he was a pup,  Sherry and her walkers have been true partners with me in raising Joe to be a friendly and well-mannered (not genteel, after all he is Irish) dog.